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November 23, 2010     Lassen County Times
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November 23, 2010

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Bulletin, Progressive, PinePress, Reporter, Record, Lassen County Times Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010 ©2010 Media Services S-8741 OF23283R-1 Advertisement Bob Vila ranrk00ll00neW rtdhenPU.R portable heate No Amerzca U.S. designed and engineered uses new SYLVANIA heat source and EdenFLOW direct.air technology Accept no imitations- portable heaters and fireplaces "dry out" the air with inefficient ceramic heating elements Bob Vila America's Favorite Home Improvement Expert (Canton, Ohio) I know why millions of Americans are saving on their heating bills with the EdenPURE® Infrared Port- able Heater. And during this you can save up to $102 on the new 2011 EdenPURE ® GEN4, the finest portable heater in the world. We discovered many of our millions of customers are using the EdenPURE ® as their main heating source. The 27 pound GEN4 heats up to 1,000 square feet and rolls easily about your home. No energy-eating, old fur- nace to fire up and no dusty ductwork and vents to clean. Only big savings on your heating bill. At EdenPURE® we lis- ten to our customers. Like Jim McDonald in Eugene, Oregon, "I think that you're missing something when you market the EdenPURE ® as a heater because it's much more than just a heater. A heater is something you put in the bathroom. This you put in the central part of your house and it heats the whole house. And so I would market it as a furnace. And it's one of the few things that I've ever owned that I would recommend to my kids or my friends. I'm sold on EdenPURE ®. It is everything that it's marketed to be and more." Bold U.S. Design The new GEN4 was de___._= signed and engineered in the ' USA and has several patent- ed technological break- throughs to save you money on your heating bill. U.S. engineers combined specially designed SYLVA- NIA Infrared Bulbs with the existing EdenPURE ® copper heating chambers for more efficient heating. They even redesigned the air flow, re- suiting in amplified heating performance. The designers at EdenPURE ® call this their "EdenFLOW TM Direct Air" technology. For over 30 years as your home improvement television host, I have re- viewed and experienced thousands of products. I have an EdenPURE ® in my Massachusetts home and found it to be a very safe and reliable source of portable heat. This is one of those few comfort investments I can recommend for your home that will truly pay div- idends. We all know heating costs are expected to remain at record levels. The cost of heating our homes will con- tinue to be a significant bur- den on the family budget. The EdenPURE ® GEN4 can cut your heating bills and pay for itse!f in a matter of weeks, and then start putting a great deal of extra money in your pocket after that. With over one million satisfied customers around the world, the new Eden- PURE ® heats better, faster, saves more on heating bills, and runs almost silent. And that's just the start of the benefits for the new EdenPURE ® GEN4 Portable Heater. # 1 Choice for Fire and Safety Professionals A major cause of resi- dential fires in the United States is portable heaters. The choice of fire and safety professionals everywhere, the EdenPURE ® has no ex- posed heating elements that can cause a fire. The outside of the Eden- PURE ® only gets warm to the touch so that it will not burn children or pets. And your pet may be just like my dog who has reserved a fa- vorite spot near the Eden- PURE e . The EdenPURE ® can al- so help you feel better. Un- like other EdenPURE ® imi- tators, it will not reduce hu- midity or oxygen in the room. These imitators use ceramic plates instead of our patented copper. The Eden- PURE e GEN4 has over i pound of copper! These in- expensive ceramic plates re- duce humidity, dry out your sinuses, make you more sus- ceptible to illness, and make your skin dry. With other heating sources, you'll no- tice that you get sleepy when the heat comes on be- cause they are brurning up oxygen. The advanced space-age EdenPURE ® GEN4 Portable Heater also heats the room evenly, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Other heat- ing sources heat rooms un- evenly with most of the heat concentrated high in the room and to the center of the room. And, as you know, portable heaters only heat an area a few feet around the heater. With the Eden- PURE ® , the temperature will not vary in any part of the room. This infrared heating process was designed around the three most important con- sumer benefits: economy, comfort, and safety. In the EdenPURE ® process, electricity is used to generate a type of infrared heat which, in turn, creates a very safe heat. Infrared is one of the safest forms of heat because it does not cre- ate carbon monoxide or harmful radiation. And, most importantly, the in- frared heat will not reach a burning temperature. The EdenPURE®'s in- frared heating source uses less energy to create heat than other sources for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that heat at com- bustion level, which is what other heat sources use, caus- es the heat to instantly rise to the ceiling. Therefore, the heat is not evenly distrib- uted, causing a very ineffi- cient and uncomfortable heat source. The EdenPURE ® GEN4 Portable Heater does not use burning heat. This heat actu- ally floats out into the living area and is carried by the ex- isting humidity in the air. This causes the heat to travel rapidly and evenly through- out a room. In actual studies, photos using infrared lighting demonstrated that the heat was almost perfectly even from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. The Eden- PURE e advanced infrared efficiency is based on the distribution of energized air, not on just fan movement. This heat is called "soft heat" due to how comfortable it is. Children or pets can come up to the EdenPURE ® and touch it and not be harmed. Pets like my dog are actually drawn to this heat because it is a natural source of heat, just like the sun heats the earth. Animals are much more instinctive than humans. This heat not only heats the air, but it also heats the objects in the room. It is a perfectly bal- anced heat. The EdenPURE ® has a specially calibrated digital thermostat to continually maintain balanced comfort- able heat, e'liminating the in- convenience of having to constantly adjust the heat level like other portable heaters. Here's how you cut your heating bill with EdenPURE ®. First, the EdenPURE ® uses less ener- gy to create heat than many other sources, but that is just part of why it will cut a per- son's heating bill. The Eden- PURE ® will heat a room in minutes. You will immedi- ately notice the difference! Therefore, you can turn the heat down in your house to as low as 50 degrees, but the room you are occupying, which has the EdenPURE ®, will be warm and comfort- able. Your EdenPURE ® GEN4 Portable Heater easily rolls from room to room. Using zone heating keeps you com- fortable and reduces your heating bills. This can drasti- cally cut heating bills, in some instances, the savings may be substantial. And the EdenPURE ® can How it works: SYLVANIA infrared 2, SYLVANIA quartz infrared lamp gently warms the patented copper.heating chambers. SYLVANIA is a registered trademark of OSRAM SYLVAN be your primary heat source for much of the Winter. Keep your furnace turned off or turned down and let the EdenPURE ® do the job until you finally need to kick that expensive furnace on. Remember, many of our customers use the Eden- PURE ® as their primary heating source all season long. Of course this de- pends on the severity of your Winter season. Either way, you save money with EdenPURE ®. The EdenPURE ® pro- duces clean fresh air without furnace filters. A furnace generates a lot of dust due to the combustion. By lower- ing the furnace temperature, you are using your furnace less, therefore reducing the requirement for the furnace filters. Also, when there's no combustion, there are no harmful fumes. The EdenPURE ® will pay for itself in weeks. It will keep a great deal of ex- tra money in a user's pocket. Because of today's spiraling gas, oil, propane, and other energy costs, the Eden- PURE ® will provide even greater savings as the time goes by. With no increase in price, the new EdenPURE ® GEN4 has been updated with the latest technology, safety, and comfort features to provide you with even greater com- fort, more savings, and years of reliability. This product has been listed by Underwriters Lab- oratories. It comes with a simple to operate remote and control panel settings, along with well written and illustrated operating instruc- tions. The EdenPURE ® GEN4 Portable Heater comes with a comprehensive 5 year war- ranty and a 60-day, no ques- tions asked satisfaction guarantee - EdenPURE ® will even pay for the return shipping. There is absolute- ly no risk. And EdenPURE ® is the only portable heater with a National Service Network. How to order: There are two models to choose from: the new U.S. engineered GEN4 or our Personal Heater. The GEN4 comfortably heats an area up to 1,000 square feet while the Personal Heater covers up to 300 square feet. During our special you are eligible for a $75 DIS- tached Authorized Discount COUNT PLUS FREE SHIP- Claim Form below to take PING AND HANDLING advantage of this savings op- FOR A TOTAL SAVINGS portunity. OF UP TO $102 on the The EdenPURE® carries EdenPURE ® GEN4. And a 60-day unconditional, no- now you can save an addi- risk guarantee. If you are not tionai $100 on new Personal totally satisfied, return it at Heaters for a total savings of our expense and your pur- $192. This special offer ex- chase price will be refunded. pires in 10 days. If you or- No questions asked. There is der after that, we reserve the also a 5 year warranty on all right to either accept or re- parts and labor for the ject order requests at the dis- GEN4 and a 3 year warranty counted price. See my at= for the Personal Heater. BOB VILA'S AUTHORIZED DISCOUNT CLAIM FORM The price of the EdenPURE ® GEN4 Portable Heater is $472 plus $27 shipping and handling and $372 plus $17 shipping and handling for the Personal Heater, but, with this Authorized Discount Claim Form, you will receive a $75 discount, free shipping and handling and be able to get the EdenPURE e GEN4 for only $397 delivered and save an additional $100 plus shipping and handling on the Personal Heater and get it for only $ ! 97 delivered. After 10 days we reserve the right to either accept or reject or- der requests at the discounted price. Check below which model and number you want: [] GEN4, number __ [] Personal Heater, number __ [] I am ordering within 10 days, therefore I get a $75 dis- count, free shipping and landling and my price is only $397 for the GEN4 Heater delivered. [] I am ordering within 10 days, therefore I get a $175 discount, free shipping and handling and my price is only $197 for the Personal Heater delivered. [] I am ordering past 10 days, therefore I pay full price of $472 plus $27 shipping & handling for the GEN4 Heater and $372 plus $17 shipping & handling for the Personal Heater. This product carries a 60-day unconditional, no-risk guar- antee. If you are not totally satisfied, return it at our ex- pense and your purchase price will be refunded. No ques- tions asked. There is also a 5 year warranty on all parts and labor for the GEN4 and a 3 year warranty for the Per- sonal Heater. NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE • To claim your discount by phone: call toll-free 1-800- 630-8983. Operators are on duty Monday - Friday 6am - 3am, Saturday 7am - 12am and Sunday 7am - 11 pm, EST. Give operator your Authorization Code on this coupon. • To claim your discount and order online: visit and enter your Authorization Code on this coupon. • To claim your discount and order by mail: fill out and mail in this Bob Vila's Authorized Discount Claim Form. Enclosed is $ in: [-1 Cash [] Check [] Money Order (Make check payable to BioTech Research) or charge my: [] VISA [] MasterCard [] Am. Exp./Optima [] Discover/Novus Account No. Exp. Date __/..__.._ Signature MAILTO: BioTech Research Authorization Code EHS3454 7800 Whipple Ave. N.W. Canton, OH 44767 I,. ................................................. a.I