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October 30, 2007     Lassen County Times
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October 30, 2007

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Lassen County Times, Westwood PinePress Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2007 9C COM.MUNITY PERSPECTIVE Head Start: proven success in the lives of children and families It has been my continu- ing pleasure to serve on the Sierra Cascade Family Opportunities-Head Start Board of Directors for the last 10 years; I am cur- rently serving a second term as Board President. I can truly say that it has been an honor to be a part of a federal program that has for more than 42 years (since 1965) had a proven track record of positive, successful results for low-income preschool children and their fami- lies in the field of early childhood education. It is a program I fully support and believe in as a community member because investing in our children's education and well-being can only lead to success in the future of their lives, of our country and of our world. Head Start is a federally funded preschool program that Wimarily serves low- income children and their families, but has an open enrollment for all chil- dren. The program is designed to be comprehen- WHERE I STAND LORI A: SIMPSON SIERRA CASCADE FAMILY OPPORTUNITIESBOARD PRESIDENT California covers the counties of Modoc, Lassen, Plumas, and Sierra, serving more than 221 children and their families. Head Start Centers operate in the towns of Alturas, Herlong, Leavitt Lake, Portola, Quincy, and Susanville. A home-based program is offered in Sierra Valley. Facilities used to con- duct Head Start programs are rented from communi- ty supporters such as Modoc Unifiod School District, Leavitt Lake Community Services District, Lassen County Fairgrounds, Sacred Heart Church, Fort Sage School District, Plumas Unified School District, Mr. Mitch Clarin, and Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds. Last June, as board president, I received a let- ter from the Department My Two Cents -B go,ng , (. "A doctor." "A witch." Wyatt Williams, Chantel Crowhurest, age 8 age 8 "A stormtrooper." Brandon Priolo, age 8 "A fade phantom." Johnathan Chaffee, age 9 R.EMEMBE1K WHEN 110 years ago Susanville residents met at the Rest Room on Main Street to discuss the pos- sibilities of opening a sawmill, box. facto- ry and a planning mill just outside the city limits. District Attorney Pardee headed the meeting and said business- men from Pittsburgh, Penn. and nizing a Cow Belle unit for the county and became a charter member and served as its first treasurer. 15 years ago Although many see it as having a posi- tive impact on the local economy, not everyone in Lassen County is pleased ing beauty, poise, and talent. Sheehy was the hands-down favorite, capturing the People's Choice awards. The other contestants also named her Miss Congeniality 2002. Last year A rumor circling that the proposed Doolittle marches in goosestep I am appalled that John Doolittle, the chicken hawk who never served in the armed forces yet said retired Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown "does not support the troops" in his offensive robo-calls last election, has now again sided with this out-of-control administration to vote down SCHIP Why? Too much money? Twice a year for the last five years, the administration has routinely spught many, many times that much money to continue their war in Iraq "until the job is done," even though they won't tell us what that job is. lived through installing the radar signs on The Great Depression!, the Richmond Road. fact is, the longer KingHowever, an innovative pro- George and Co. are running gram. for catching speeders things, the worse things get. was written about in the Oct. For everyone but the rich. 23, 2007 issue of USA Today It's time they and theironline. toadies like John Doolittle The article stated, in part, were given the heave-ho."Speeders beware. Your There has never been a more neighbors might have you on corrupt government in the their radar." That's the mes- history of the United States, sage police departments and I'm fed up with these cor- across the country are trying rupt clowns telling me that to send by loaning residents I'm "un-American." radar guns and turning them into neighborhood speed They all ought to be in jail. watchers. Gary Chrisler Volunteers can't ticket the Ja.esville drivers they catch breaking the speed limit, but their Toll roads reports can result in warning We have toll roads in parts letters being sent by police, of America to pay for the depending on how fast the maintenance of the stretches drivers were going. Police say of road. So I propose we have the program is worth it ff it toll roads to run in front of can make even a few those federal prisons that motorists obey speed limits. would house, oh lets say pres- 'It's one more element of idents and their conspirators, enforcing speed,' says Lt. And anyone that would Daniel Furseth, of the molest America's DeForest Police Department Constitution and its citizens, in Wisconsin. I also believe that the use of For the past year, the vii- pardons should not be lage has allowed residents to allowed in these cases, borrow a battery-operated I choose this direction radar gun for a week or two, instead firing squad, because sit on their front lawns and the mess is just too much for record the speeds of passing me. I say let that them rot in motorists. the cell till the dust of their Typically" a warning letter bones has to swept up like the is sent when speeds are 13 trash it is. mph over the limit, but it And the toll itself woulddepends on the residential pay for the secret service area, Fursethsays. guard to watch the cameraSo, how about it, Mister and to pay for the MREs for Mayor and Mister Police the prisoners to eat. Chief? Stopping speeders is a Glenn Ausmus no-brainer we just need a lit- Susanville tle bit of creative thinking, down at city hall! Stopping speeders in Jeff Zekas Susanville Susanville For the last 12 years, I have been complaining to our vari- Skiing over the bones ous police chiefs about speed- After reading Sh.ayla ing in Susanville, particular- Ashmore's editorial on the ly on Modoc and AlexanderHoney Lake Maidu, I had to streets, chuckle. Here's a writer (and To his credit, our last chief I use that term loosely), that was instrumental inSee Letters, Page 11C Correction In the Oct. 23 issue of the Times a letter by Barry Gibson gave a phone number for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office. The number printed was the governor's fax .number. The correct phone number is 916-445-2841. The Times regrets the con- fusion this may have caused. All letters must contain an address and a phone number. We publish only one letter per week per person and only one letter per month per person regarding the same subject matter. We pub- lish only one letter pertaining to state, national or world news a month per person. We do not publish letters with an overtly religious theme. There is a 500- word limit on all letters. We also reserve the right to edit letters, if necessary, as like ever thing else that appears in this newspaper. We do not publish third-party, anonymous, unsigned or open letters. Requests will be made to rewrite letters containing poten- tially libelous statements before they are printed. The deadline is noon on Thursday Letters also may be sent via fax, 257-0408; on disc; or e-mail Ictimes@lass~n- Every reason they've ever given for why we're in Iraq has turned out to be bull. They've neglected Afghanistan and allowed Osama Bin Laden to remain free to plot more attacks, while they steal Iraq's oil and plan to invade Iran. They tell us the terrorists "hate us for our freedoms" then they take them all away. For instance, starting next February, any American tak- ing a plane or commercial boat will require a "travel permit" from DHS. The carrier cannot issue a boarding pass until DHS clears the named passenger. Add that to the wiretapping, stripping of Habeus Corpus, secret prisons and torture, and i say welcome to the Soviet Union. And one program that actu- ally works, that costs a frac- tion of what the war contrac- tors are stealing from our treasury" is defeated. Because it's "socialized medi- cine?" More likely, because it provides an alternative to being gouged and refused necessary medical treatment by private insurers. According to these people, privatization is better than a government program. Yet the more they privatize everything, the worse things get for all of us (except the CEOs), and the more bank- rupt our Treasury becomes. And is the private sector really "better?" Both AT&T and Verizon are censoring their traffic, and they claim they can abruptly halt your service if they think you "criticized" them. These fiscally responsible Republicans in Washington have pushed our debt up to $10 trillion! As much as they would like to blame every- thing on Bill Clinton or even FDR (who was the best thing that ever happened to this country! Ask anyone who Letters guidelines LETTERS to the EDITOR. said. as important teachers of tions. their children and are Congratulations and encouraged by staff to thanks are long overdue take part in the many to the staff, parents and activities that will posi- community:members who tively impact the quality have dedicated their time, of life for the whole fami- energy and support to ly. Parents are also invited make this all happen here to serve on the Policy ,in our remote part of Northern California. Council, which is com- prised of Head Start par- I wish I had the room to ents who share parallel list the names of every governance with the staff person, but on behalf SCFO Board of Directors of the SCFO board, I in the areas of planning, would like to thank all the general procedures, and site supervisors-teachers, human resources of the teacher aides, family ser- program, vices workers, kitchen Both boards review cooks, administrative sup- financial status reports port staff, the health set- and program progress, vices manager - Linda Every time I attend a poll- Margaretic, Program cy council meeting as an Systems Manager Cindy observer, I am so Busselen, Interim Family impressed with the parent and Community Services leadership, the lively dis- Manager Merle Rusky, cussion of key issues Special Needs Manager brought before them for John Ringwald, Education action and the sound deci, Manager- Jennifer sions made in the process. McCulley, Fiscal Officer The SCFO Board of Barbara Tiner, and directors has two seats for Executive Director - policy council members Brenda Poteete, all the and they bring so much parents who serve on the insight and leadership to policy council, and all the the meetings, that it is community supporters extremely gratifying to throughout the region for work with these parents, all the great work! Parents of Head Start Also on behalf of the SCFO board, I would like children are given the to thank Susan Orange for unique opportunity to her 13years of wonderful grow and give back to the dedication, caring, and program. How do I know hard work for the children this? and families of Sierra The Executive Director, Cascade Family Brenda Poteete and the Opportunities - Head current, interim Family Start and our sincere and Community wishes for the very best Partnership. Manager- for the future. Merle Rusky are just two History has proven that examples, they both were with the Head Start parents with children in Program investing in chil- the Head Start Program. dren and families, suc- Brenda is currently work- cesses will abound! ing on her master's If you would like to degree in education and enroll your child in the human development and Head Start Program in Merle has already Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, achieved her degree in the or Sierra counties, please same field, call (530) 283-1242 or toll Our Head Start region free at 1-800.404-1242 or visit our Web site at scfo- here in Northern Crest Ranch on Richmond Road in 1960. from Lassen and Plumas counties com- MacDonald was instrumental in orga- peted in a spectacular evening showcas- sire to meet the emotion- of Health and Human al, social, health, nutri- Services located in Klamath Falls, Ore. wanted to build a with the thought of having a maximum- Dyer Mountain Resort project has been Washington, D.C. stating mill, which would provide nearly 75 jobs, security prison in Susanvill . scrapped is not true, said Nick Ceaglio, tional, and psychological that the Sierra Cascade if the town CouId donate the land. When Craig Brown, undersecretary of director of community relations for needs of enrolled chil- dren. School readinessis Family Opportunities, the Youth and Adult Correctional Dyer MountainAssociates. Inc. Head Start Program 6o years ago Agency, announced at a press conference Feather Publishing received an e-mail part of the daily educa- h iv " " Chief of Police W.O Long got approval that Susanville's new prison would most and. telephone call stating a reliable tional routine. All ad been g en an lmpec- cable outstandino on-sitewom the City Council to purchase a new likely be a level 3-4 maximum-security source had noted the temporary housing enrolled children receive federal review . ta tm that jail register to record the names of crim- facility, he predicted both the "good and for workers, four or five trailers; put up a dentalexamination, then enc was 'fuU-- - inals Due to an increase in criminal bad" impacts of the prison would near the proposed site, had been g Y .'. medical exam, hearing actwRy, Long used 23 pages for 670 increase by about one-third, removed. comphance wlth apphca- and vision screening, ble Head Start Pro r m arrests since the start of the new year. In In response, Ceaglio said there never There are nutritional n, ,g 1937, Long only used 13 pages to record Six years ago ' was any permanent or to nporaryhous- and developmental assess- r'ermrmance. tanoaras, 380 arrests in the criminal long. Cara Sheehy' of Westwood, was ing at the proposed resort site. ments to identify any spe: taws, regmanons, an(/pol- crowned the first ever . Miss "We cannot do any reaI improvements cial needs. Services are icY requirements. This is 35 years Lassen/Plumas, the first step.toward the to the property until we have an pro ided spe-, achievement con- I)0rothy -MacDonald, of Susanvfile, Miss America crown a pvoy awe rLeed toh Re rglit- ciai d;/Oed/ cl!ildren ' leevmgthat ther m'e'a:"; -"@ gfiamed C0wBell :Of thdYeh rfOfftT/6" The official preti/riif- t the Miss ted:for, ny st uctures/ Ceagli . - with diS iblYtt'ies. ':tOtal 0f 1,797 Head Start" "' : Las en County CowBelles. Dorothy and California/Miss America program was Activity in the area is not always con- Parents are recognized requirements and regula- her husband, Leslie, purchased the Pine held Sunday evening, Oct. 21. Six women ne ted to Dyer Mouritain Associates, he