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October 30, 2007     Lassen County Times
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October 30, 2007

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Tuesday Oct. 30, 2007 Lassen County Times. Westwood PinePress WIiI WIll" sponsored by Education Do you like to solve mysteries? coming back. Soon, the hive is ': Then you may want to become empty. The entomologists call '= an entomologist. They study this colony collapse disorder,ii insects and are working hard to " rleul t solve a very strange mystery. Where have the bees gone? Are they still alive? That is what For some reason, bees are scientists and beekeepers are Everyone leaving their hives and not trying to find out. Standards Link: Life Science: Students know ways in which organisms interact and depend on one another in an ecosystem. How many bees can you find hidden in l thi Let :I aw,Itl:: Follow these easy:steps t0 create . a honey of:a dmv ing! " ' nO honeybee hive is made of honeycombs. A honeycomb is a !arge sheet :made up of six- sided wax boxes called cells. There are thousands of these cells in one hive. The little cells are used as both nurseries for young bees and storage for honey and pollen. ueen bee la3 seggs ells near the middle Standards Link: Science: Students know that animals progress through life cycles; lifo-cycle ~" re different for different organisms. qb 0 q:9 covers itself with a cocoon and about three weeks later, emerges as a grown-up beeI O ~, ~ rill O qlp o should! When honeybees travel from blossom to blossom, they This makes it possible for a plant to produce seeds or fruits. Bees play an important role in agriculture, helping in the production of about one-third of the foods. we eat. : While scientists are working hard to learn how to stop colony collapse disorder, beekeepers are starting more hives to help bees. survive. Scavenger Hunt Agriculture is the growing of crops. List the names of as many different crops as you can find in the paper. Which crops need bees to pollinate their blossoms? Standarda Link: Science: Living things are found almost everywhere in the world and distinct environments support the life of different types of plants. The numbers on the flower petals add up to the center of the flower. Oops! All but one, that is! Fi gure out which petal oneach flower needsto be plucked so that ,up to the center number. Why do bees have sticky hair? Get the code by visiting the KIDS page at HIVE HONEYCOMBS HONEYBEES SURVIVE BEEKEEPERS LARVA BLOSSOM POLLEN COLONY SEEDS CELLS HATCH HELP HUNT EGGS Find the words in the puzzle, then in this week's Kid Scoop stories and activities. S B M C Y E N 0 H E H I E N A H T O N E V L O V A S N S E D L L R T I E'U G L S OA C E Y V HG L C L HMB Y I R E O S T H E L P H E U P BEEKEEPERS R S YMO S S O L B standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recognized identical words, Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling pattems. Bob Owens, Co. Superintendent Jaekier Molin. a, Director Welcome to Kid Scoop! We appreciate the submissions to the "Monthly Writing Comer" from Ms. Hilberg's 7th/Sth grade and Mrs. West's 3rd/4th grade classes from Long Valley Charter School on thetqpic "I am Thankful for " The next "Write On!" assignment is on the topic "I Can't Believe I " Please send in your stories by the November 15, 2007 deadline. Keep writing! What I Am Thankful For I am thankful for.the items that my parents have provided me. Some kids don't even have a house to live in and have to live on the street. I am lucky and thankful for all the essential and extra things I have in my life." By: Kyle Von Tour, Ms. Hilberg's 7/8 Grade, Long Valley Charter School I am thankful for dirt bikes because they are really fun. Riding is my favorite thing to do. I am thankful for them because I can use them for transportation and fun. Dirt bikes are a man's best friend. By: Billie Keck, Ms. Hilberg's 7/8 Grade, Long Valley Charter The thing I am most thankful for is my morn. I am thankful that I have someone to help get me this far in life. I love her a lot. I don't know what I would do without her. I'm very thankful to have her as a parent. By: Rachael Bania, Ms. Hilberg's 7/8 Grade, Long Valley Charter I am thankful for my family. Without my family I wouldn'tbe able to tell them everything that is happening in my life. They are very special to me and I don't know what I would do without them. I am thankful that they are always there for me. By: Kandance Smiles, Ms. Hilberg's 7/8 Grade, Long Valley Charter I am thankful for the fabulous school I attend, where I learn math, science, and language arts. By: Logan Swistowicz, Mrs. West's 3/4 Grade, Long Valley Charter I am'thankful for my mother because she buys appropriate clothes to Keep me warm, and healthy foods to consume that will help me grow. By: Thomas Cannon,- Mrs. West's 3/4 Grade, Long Valley Charter I am thankful for a warm home, a earing family, and a chance to learn everyday because without those things this world would be miserable. By: Shey-Ann Tong, Mrs. West's 3/4 Grade, Long Valley Charter I am thankful for being able to get a good education, good food to eat, and a good life. By: Robert Graf, Mrs. West's 3/4 Grade, Long Valley Charter I am thankful for Still being alive after my horse stepped on my cheek. By: Makayla Darling, Mrs. West's 3/4 Grade, Long Valley Charter I am thankful for my school where I can learn math, science, and language because I know some kids in other countries don't get to go to school. By: Samantha Angulo, Mrs. West's 3/4 Grade, Long Valley Charter Spelling Bee Using one page of today's newspaper, find and circle the letters that spell the words in your weekly spelling list. Or, find and spell ten words from today's Kid Scoop page. Standards Link: Spelling: Use conventions of spelling; spell grade-appropriate words correctly. e Lots more jokes & fun at mUll Finish this story. Deadline: November 15, 2007 Published: December 4, 2007 Send your story to: Lassen Co. Office of Education 472-013 Johnstonville Rd. North Susanville, CA 96130 Please include your school and grade.