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October 30, 2007     Lassen County Times
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October 30, 2007

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4B Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2007 Lassen County Times, Westwood PinePress Shayla Ashmore Staff Writer To help decide whether Lassen County needs more ambulances, fewer ambu- lances or just a different form of ambulance service, the Board of Supervisors agreed last week to hire a consultant. The board agreed to hire Dr. Richard Narad, a consul- tant from California State University, Chico, at $175 an hour, to evaluate the existing ambulance services and develop alternatives. It set a $10,000 limit on pay- ment to Narad, who devel- oped the two previous requests for proposals in 2001 and 2004, for exclusive operat- ing areas for ambulance ser- vice m Lassen County. The study is necessary because the Sierra Emergency Medical Services Authority gave the county committee formed to consid- ei" budget requests a claim for payment of $231,000 SEMSA said it lost during the .2007- 2008 fiscal year. The committee denied the claim on Aug. 21. It also denied a SEMSA request for a three-year, $289,000 subsidy of ambu- lance service. Even though SEMSA is los- ing money, one local fire offi- cial told the board there aren't enough ambulances available. Kathy Catron, the assistant fire chief for the Doyle Fire Department, told the board, "Right now we have excellent service, for what we have, but we don't have enough." Fire personnel are usually the first responders at acci- dents and emergencies. When one ambulance is transporting a patient to Redding and only one other ground ambulance is avail- able, Catron said SEMSA transports Doyle patients to Reno by air ambulance. Recently two patients were transported by air ambulance from Doyle in one day. "Their injuries didn't require air ambulance," she said. "We had an issue where a motor home fell on a gentle- man out on (Highway) 395." Noground ambulance was available to respond, Catron said. "The highway patrol got very upset because we had to shut down the highway to land a helicopter," she said. "They wanted us to land it two miles down the road, but we had no way to transport that patient." District 5 Supervisor Jack Hanson suggested Narad get input on ambulance service from local fire departments. District 1 Supervisor Bob Pyle asked if the county real- ly needs another ambulance study. The analysis will measure the level of service, County Administrative Officer John Ketelsen told the board at its Tuesday, Oct. 23 meeting. "It's kind of the same thing as trying to analyze your transportation service," Ketelsen said. "Where is the demand? Where is the peak and how do you respond to it?" Ketelsen said the SEMSA is very willing to share all the records SEMSA has collected on ambulance calls since it began serving Lassen County in early 2005. "There may be some ideas that did not come out before which can develop as a result of the data being present," Ketelsen said. "SEMSA has been very willing to share the data and we have now facts that we .just guessed at before." : ~; :a- When you have your mammogram performed at Banner Lassen Medii:al Center it's like having a second opinion at the time of your exam. Our Imaging Department recently added computer aided detection (CAD) to the mammography program that works like a second pair of eyes reviewing the mammogram film after the radiologist has made an initial interpretation. CAD aids in the detection of potential abnormalities that may not otherwise be detected. Clinical studies have shown this technology significantly improves detection of breast cancer. For appointments call 530-252-2120. Banner Lassen Medical Center 1800 Spring Ridge Drive Susanville, Keyword: Lassen He said the boarcl may want to go out to bid for ambulance service again, keep the cur- rent service or look at service in a different way. Narad will look at SEMSA's financial statements in order to verify the loss claim, Ketelsen said. He will also suggest ways to decrease the cost of service. "Perhaps we cab refine it further by asking for a writ- ten report on the alternatives in the face of the demands from SEMSA," Ketelsen said. "That's what I'm looking for," said Board Chairman and District 4 Supervisor Brian Dahle. District 2 Supervisor Jim Chapman said one of the alternatives might be reorga- Supervisors Shayla Ashmore Staff Writer Stalled parks projects and cemetery maintenance in Lassen County should finally get some attention if the pub- lic works department can get some extra help. Lack of upkeep, as evi- denced by the damaged fence at Susanville's Pioneer Cemetery or the lack of grass at Diamond Crest Cemetery, "sends a very powerful mes- sage to the community that the county's not capable of handling the business," said District 2 Supervisor Jim Chapman. "They've got way more work than they can handle," according to Board Chairman Brian DaMe, the District 4 Supervisor. So, the Board of Supervisors wants Director Larry Millar who oversees the five divisions of roads, transportation, sur- veying, parks and public works -- to hire some tempo- rary help. " The current lack of man- power and money forces the t0 o~erat~, using pproach, according.: to~. District 3 Supervisor Lloyd Keefer. "Wherever the political heat is, that's where they jump to," Keefer said at the board's Oct. 9 meeting. To get work moving at Janesville Park, Keefer said he set up a trust fund in 1999 and put almost all his $5,000 discretionary fund money in to it each year. The trust fund now has close to $7,000, which funds materials for park pro- jects accomplished by volun- teers, with oversight from Millar. "We've used that fund for maintenance things on the playground, the fence and everything else," Keefer said. "Sometimes when Larry's funds get short, I say, 'Hey, take it out of the trust.'" 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Local volunteer fire depart- ments face tight budgets and extensive state training requirements that make it difficult to attract and retain volunteers. The county may have to alter its contract with SEMSA in response to Narad's report, Ketelsen said. DaMe said the board must first define the future of ambulance.service. "Then we get the fire dis- tricts," he said. "The goal was, this year, to get them all together and sit down and try to hammer out a way to take care of the issues that they have and then we marry those two together somehow and solve the problem." Ketelsen said it will proba- bly take a different contract to analyze the fire depart- ment problems. The board voted unani- mously to approve the con- tract with Narad, with District 3 Supervisor Lloyd Keefer absent from the meet- ing. County Counsel Craig Settlemire said the $10,000 cap would allow Narad to spend 57 hours working on the ambulance study. He said his only problem with the contract was its pro- vision that any disputes be arbitrated in Butte County. nce sionals who live in Janesville also helps design park pro- jects. Keefer said he's even offered to write requests for proposals to complete pro- jects at Janesvitle Park. "It's not like I'm trying to nose into their business," Keefer said. "I'm just trying to help them get things mov- ing." Though he would prefer to have public works staff com- plete the projects, Keefer said his involvement does help get things done. "If we had two more people to get to work on parks, we'd probably get a lot done," said District 1 Supervisor Bob Pyle. Public works is full of dedi- cated, hard workers, said 'District 5 Supervisor Jack Hanson, they just can't get the job done if they don't have the staff. The board should start with the premise that all pub- lic works employees do "a stu- pendous job with limited resources and overlapping positions," Chapman said. "So there's no criticism of staff." :~ -" ',~:;:~:,~ /:: : : . .; Staffing "It's been a problem trying to recruit qualified and pro- fessional staff," Millar told the board, forcing him to restructure upper manage- ment. Instead of an assistant director, the roads division now has a road field supervi- sor. Similarly, the licensed assistant director in the pub- lic works division became a deputy director of facilities maintenance. The department uses con- sultants to do technical reports and construction management on road pro- jects. Often Millar can pay for the consultants for road prb- jects through state and feder- al road funds. A new position will help out in all five divisions, Millar said. He is now recruiting a facilities project manager, which the board approved in the 2007-2008 bud- get. "My hope is, if there is a need under transportation or road, they will reimburse the salary," Millar said. "That should help us get the pro- jects to the ground." He added public Works needs additional staff on the ground and asked for another buildings and grounds work- er Since the public works items was only on the board's agenda for discussion, the board will have to vote at a future meeting to approve any budget amendments for money to hire new staff. Dahle directed county Staff to come back to the board with a report on what it would cost to hire a new.full, time public works employee. The board also asked for more information on hiring temporary employees to help with public works projects. With three buildings and grounds workers, if one per- son is sick and one is on vaca- tion, Millar said the depart- ment cannot complete pro- jects with one worker. Pyle agr~eO o~epersg~:qan- no : ' fl;--~.;.'i~ Ill ~=. : t~Jil~. ~ ~ t put toge ber park e,quip- ,~ .- ,I~.15 :,; !~', '-, ment, Keefer suggested i he county reinstate the extra sheriff's department work crew to help with public works projects. Surveyor Since the county hasn't been able to recruit a survey- or, local professionals work for the county under con- tract. ' nd because of the small number of surveyors, they are often asked to be on.both sides of the fence," said County Administrative Officer John Ketelsen. Often surveyors have worked for a private client on the maps they're now review- ing for the county, Ketelsen said. He recommended the board contract with profes- sionals outside the county until a staff member corn-, pletes work on her surveyor's license. NOVEMBER 5T" NOVEMBER- 19T" Northeastern Health Center 1850 Spring Ridge Dr. Susanville Kenneth S. Wood B.S. Speech Pathology & Audiology Lie. H.A. 6032 Featuring OTICON SIEMENS STARKEY PHONAK RESOUND VIVATONE WIDEX Offering 100% Digital Hearing Aids Caring Service Heating Evaluations 30 Day Trial Period Repair Lab In-Office Hearing Instruments 1640 Tehama Street, Suite B, R.edding, CA96001