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May 1, 2007     Lassen County Times
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May 1, 2007

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46 Tuesday, May 1,2007,Lassen County TimesANestwood PinePress T i$ week: one time, if you said you were a oman citizen, you could have lived near the Atlantic Ocean or the Black Sea. You could have lived in North Africa, Greece, Spain or Turkey. Color all of the spaces on the map with two dots in red, and all the spaces with one dot in green. The red areas show the extent of the territory once included in the Roman Empire. The first Romans were small groups of farmers in central Italy Rome later became a powerful empire with about 60 million people! "O'" V The Romans built thousands of miles of Use the codeto A=@ discover an old D saying. What do I: you think it "- = D R = roads to connect every part of the empire with its capital city, Rome. Even today, instead of building new roads, sometimes ancient it)ads get covered with a coat of asphalt. means? = Q Aqueducts were constructed as a line of arches joined together, topped by a channel that carried water. The Romans used them to supply towns with water. The arches would be higher orlower as they covered rough ground, but the aqueduct would always have a slight slope towards the town so that the water could run downhill. Can you draw the other half of this section of aqueduct? Standards Link: History: Students know how maps help illustrate patterns of movement in time. I 4lB.; VIII 8 10 -9. XlX Roman alphabet is hat most people in the Western world still use 6day. We have added a few letters, like W, but it is basicalb the same alphabet used by the Romans. Roman numerals are no longer in everyday use. We use Arabic numbers today." Each of the items forsale at the IV + market is priced in Roman numerals. Can you figure out how much each piece of pottery costs? Write the price in Roman numerals on each price tag. ( VI I+X= X-VI Where does it end? Punctuation was not very popular in Ancient Rome. Early Roman writing did not have capital letters or even full stops! Imagine how hard it would be to read something without punctuation. Rewrite a paragraph from today's newspaper without punctuation. Give it to a friend to read. Then let the friend read it with punctuatiOn' Compare the results. Standards Unk: Grammar: Use mechanical and grammatical conventions in writing. Standards Link: Math: Understand the structure of numeration systems that are based on numbers other than 10. ANCIENT NUMERALS ROADS ARABIC AQUEDUCT GERMANY PARAGRAPH ALPHABET ITALY ROMANS EMPIRE EGYPT SHOP COSTS SEA Find the words in the puzzle, then in this week's Kid Scoop stories and activities. YLATIQCUSP NATNEICNAT AUNPBCARQE MIMAYMAEUB RRREOGRS.EA E. AORRIEPDH ! GENAPAQOUP TRPMDOLHCL MHECOSTSTA Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recognized identical words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns. Roman Numeral Rewrite Practice using Roman numerals. Rewrite 10 (X) or more numbers in today's newspaper as Roman numerals. Looking through the newspaper, can you find Roman numerals being used in articles or advertisements? Standards Unk: Math: Understand the structure of numeration systems that are based on numbers other than 10. Lassen County Office of Education Child and Family Resources Bob Owens, Co. Superintendent Jackie Molina Director Welcome to Kid Scoop! We appreciate the sub- missions to the "Monthly Writing Corner" from Ms. Hilberg's 7 grade class at Long Valley Charter School on the topic "Best Book of the Summer." Due to the length of the stories, we were only able to select one of the stories for publication this month. However, we are compiling all of the stories submitted throughout the year by various classes. Each teacher and Student will receive a copy of booklet, which highlights all of the stories of Lassen County's young authors. The last "Write On!" assignment for the school year is on the topic "How the Firefly Got Its hight?Please send in your stories by the Monday, May 14, 2007 deadline. Keep writing and reading over the summer!. '% Ride You Won't Want to Miss" A book that I read over the summer that I really enjoyed, and that I think most teens would enjoy as well, is the Maximum Ride series. Every page I read brought more exhilaration and anticipation for the ending. With my heart pounding, I would anxiously turn the pages, and sometimes re- read the paragraphs over one or two times. A story that is bound to give you an adrenaline rush, about six genetically enhanced children, who escaped from a life full of pain, and suffering, try to live normally in this world. However, their story has only just begun. The first few pages aren't even a small sample of what lies ahead. The eldest out of i;he five is a girl the age of fourteen, named Maximum. She takes almost full responsibility for everything that happens in their lives. She completely dedicates herself to taking care of her family at all costs. Because their genetics were.changed, they are called human hybrids; a person who is able to fly. Not like your average superman, but with actual wings! Maximum Ride is the first young adult book written by James Patterson, who an author of adult thriller novels. Keeping thingsinteresting aua ald be.-.: the many settings, and many changes points of view, that take place in this book. It jumps around and it might be confusing at first, but being able to hear and understand the other character's thoughts and feelings, draws you even further into the story. The details are so clear, you can feel what they're feeling, see what they are seeing, and almost smell what they smell. The actions that these characters display are phenomenal, and are real; apart from flying of course. They act like your average teenage kids, experiencing happiness, sadness, adrenaline, love, fright, and anger. The many emotions in this story might bring some people to tears. Unable to contain how you feel in some parts of the book, you might shout out loud, asking for an explanation. Wishing to know why that particular character made certain choices, and are feeling certain feelings. The thing I liked about this novel was the characters. They come to life with the amazing description, and story line. It's impossible for them to ever wear you out, Because they are remarkable people in this story, it gives you the urge to jump in and take their place. Wishing some of the amazing things they do, you were able to experience. From nightmarish scenarios, to heart filled entertainment, this book is certainly a ride you won't want to miss. By: Melissa Baker, Ms. Hilberg's 7th Grade, Long Valley Charter School How the Firefly got its light Write a short fantasy tale telling how this might have happened. Deadline: 'May 14, 2007 Published: June 5, 2007 Send your story to: Lassen Co. Office of Education 472-013 Jotmstonvitle Rd. North Susanville, CA 96130 Please include your school and grade